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Why invest in Ergonomic Ergohuman chairs?

by Ergohuman Singapore on November 11, 2019
Why invest in Ergonomic Ergohuman chairs?
Did you know? An average Singapore spend at least 8 hours a day sitting at their desk and almost 74% of workers experience pain at their desk at least once a week.
A man with back pain sitting on a chair


Research have shown that Sitting for more than 8 hours can lead to postural problems like disc damage, strained necks and many more in the long run.
However, sitting in a chair for long periods of time cannot be avoided, especially for those who work in an office setting.
Thus, it is essential to investing in a good Ergonomic office chair in Singapore. Given our hectic work life, having an ergonomic chair is no longer a luxury but instead a necessity, a must-have.

 A woman sitting on Pofit chair


What’s so different from an ergonomic chair as compared to traditional chairs?
Ergonomic office furniture is furniture that is designed by professionals in a way that provides you maximum support through its innovative design. They are designed to help you sit more comfortably for long periods of time when you work. They are usually made much more adjustable than those standard office chairs, allowing you to customize and adjust to fit your own body and seating preferences.
It is not uncommon for someone to experience back and neck pains from using an uncomfortable chair without proper support.

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