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Ergohuman Luxury With Headrest Office Chair Ergonomic Chair
Ergohuman Luxury With Headrest Office Chair Ergonomic Chair
Ergohuman Luxury With Headrest Office Chair Ergonomic Chair
ErgohumanPlus Luxury Leather With Headrest
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    ErgohumanPlus Luxury Leather With Headrest

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    Adjustable Headrest
    - Perfect for resting your head in recline mode when relaxing or taking a breather from work. Also great when watching movies or video streaming.

    Adjustable Wide Backrest
    - Complete support for your upper back. The entire backrest can be moved up and down to ensure the backrest is at a comfortable position.

    Automatic Lumber Support
    - Backrest is ergonomically designed into two separate sections providing continual support to your lower back during the day.

    Upgraded Ergonomic Seat Base
    - Dual pivot seat base, waterfall edge with added foam cushioning relieves pressure on inner thigh and adjustable depth to correctly position back from backrest.



    Executive Styling
    - High end premium chrome detailing for an executive look with added upgrade of seat angle adjustment.

    Adjustable 4D Armrest
    - Armrest can be adjusted by height, depth, angle and width for a more comfortable arm position. The armrests can also be easily removed if required.

    Upgraded Control Arm
    - Easily control the chairs ergonomic adjustment from one point giving you the flexibility to easily reposition throughout the day.

    Leather Seating

    - The luxury of genuine 100% leather. Moulded foam padding underlay on the seat base and backrest increase level of comfort.

    The following certifications are:

    Green Building Evaluation Certificate
    Certification for Materials Recyclable Percentage
    International Authoritative Certificate for Indoor Air Quality
    International Certificate for Supplier Ethical & Social Commitment
    European Union Furniture Institute Certification for Dimensions and Safety
    American National Furniture Instituete Certification for Safety, Strength and Durability
    European Union Certificate for Restriction and Evaluation of High Concern Chemicals



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